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Your Expectation Bart Sangster

Your Expectation

Bart Sangster

Published July 20th 2012
ISBN : 9781471740602
200 pages
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 About the Book 

Your Expectation is for everybody who wants to be successful in his or her professional and personal life. It will help to improve your rational skills in risk assessment, decision-making as well as the necessary emotional competencies to manage change, uncertainty and the interaction with others. Many stories and historical events highlight the various steps in the decision-making process and will inspire you to use seemingly irrelevant small events of every days life to practice and further advance these skills and competences. Making an informed decision is not enough to make you meet your objective. A professional execution of your decisions is equally important. How can we best prepare for their execution. How do we learn to notice the many unexpected events, risks and opportunities, around us and how can we turn them into our advantage. Elisabeth Fry, Kublai Kahn, King Louis XIV of France, George Scovell and the Duke of Wellington will provide the examples.