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Hardcore (Playtime, #2) Gemma Arlington

Hardcore (Playtime, #2)

Gemma Arlington

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Are you ready to play with the ultimate rock band?The bad boy rockers are back fresh from a break and ready for yet another tour of the States.Lucas is loyal to a fault, after having a horrid upbringing he is used to looking after himself and his brother and over the years has taken the fall for everything his brother has ever done. However on this tour everything is different. Not only is Hank, Aces husband coming on tour but so is Erics little girl Evie-Rose, Elle, Damons fiancee but also the boys have a new opening act... and she is none other then young recording artist Sonja Clare.Sonja is young, vibrant and completely oblivious about the world around her.She is innocent to a fault but within that innocents lies a heart waiting to be ravished.Sonja doesnt trust easily and only ever stays close to the people who have look after her over the past years.Before Sonjas mother passed she had warned her off men, told her to guard her heart and protect her innocents.However when Sonja walks in on day one of the tour, ready to rehearse the last thing she expected was to be attracted to any of the members of JED.But the instant she looked up and locked sight with the green eyed, tattooed and pierced man before her, she knew her world was about to take a trip into the land of roller coasters, candy and all things fun. For once youve been hooked by a bad boy rocker there is no turning back.Lucas of course has never ever slept with the same woman twice. His only friends are the members of the band and his brother Chris. However he realized the instant he saw the gorgeous girl that life as he knew it was never going to be the same.Are you ready to play with the band?